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So after a long evening of sauna, and a couple of drinks (I think the party went until there was no more alcohol to buy, at which point it seems to have moved to the clubs in Riga).

for you

This meant it was quite slow getting the guys to start moving in the morning. We had a couple of reasons for getting started, the first, the sauna was parked where we might get clamped again, and second we needed to get to Tallinn for the ferry.

Also, Tatu needed to collect his laptop from Tech Hub Riga, as it appears he had left it there the previous night.

As we were leaving Riga, we we spotted by at least 5 different people who were up and about, or at least I am going to assume that is why they were waving at us smiley
leaving TCBaltics behind

While driving down the roads of Latvia, the guys in the rear seats decided to work on a small business plan (no Internet, due to having used up the Trip Butler device's allowance the previous day). On the way to TCBaltics, one of the guys had noticed that the barrier had "animal barrier" written on it, so the Landy had been divided into the humans and the animals (don't feed the animals!).

Kimmo from Tellyo, had the business model canvas app on his iPad, so the animals were able to work through the business model of a ride sharing app. When we did the final fuel stop just outside Tallinn the guys were a little disappointed to find out that there were already many solutions to this problem out there, but un-daunted, they took this as a good place to get information.

Other than the sound of new businesses being created, it was a pretty quiet trip back.

The chaps at Palo Sauna had agreed that we could drop the sauna back to them on Saturday lunch time, so that gave us the perfect excuse to have one last sauna, once again in the yard of Aalto Venture Garage.
Last sauna of the trip

Kristoffer "Travelling Salesman" Lawson

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