TCBaltics and the opening of Tech Hub Riga

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So the actual day of TCBaltics could be described as a pretty standard startup type conference/event - sponsor talks, couple of panels and some lunch, along with WiFi that did not work.
Riga skyline

What made it different , was the location. During the Baltic Tour in the summer we had stayed at Hotel Albert when  we visted Riga, but the view changes completely during the day.

Luckily the supper nice folks at Trip Butler had loaned us one of their dongles, with 500MB of data. yesterday's update mentioned the downloading of Trival pursuit, and today, it allowed at least 5 of us to keep up with twitter and email, but we maxed out the limit during the late afternoon. Definitely an opportunity for Trip Butler in the foreigners attending conferences market smiley
Trip Butler dongle recharging

For a conference in Latvia, I thought it was a bit strange that many of the speakers and panelists were from Estonia, pretty much everyone in a red shirt is Estonianand it may be a sign that the panels were not interesting enough that there was an almost constant hum of conversation at the end of the room with the comfy sofas.

After the conference part, the attendees disappeared into the city to get something to eat before heading to the opening ceremony/party for the new Tech Hub, meanwhile, I needed to move the sauna to it's spot for the evening.
The original plan was to have it in the yard of the building, but when I looked at the yard, it seemed like it might be a bit difficult to get the sauna back out again, so we resorted to plan B, park it in the street.
With the temperature around -15C, it took quite a while for the sauna to reach operating temperature, but it got there just in time to be ready just as the short speeches were about to start.
Seems that there were some people who really wanted to "network" and could not pause for the 15 minutes to allow the folks who had spent time and effort to get this up and running to be acknowledged.

Luckily for all the readers of this blog, I did not take any pictures in the sauna, as it will come as no surprise that it was an all male event (the 15% of women did not seem to be attracted to the sauna).
It was pretty full once we started, and due to a surprising lack of foresight no-one had thought to get some sauna beers in, so we ended up with sauna wine. And it was a cheeky little vintage smiley

I think my most memorable moment of the evening came when I was getting dressed and one of the other guys was standing outside the sauna  (without a towel or shoes) chatting with someone who was dressed, and a police van turns the corner and continues up the street, rather than having to deal with the naked man (in very cold weather!).

Kristoffer "Travelling Salesman" Lawson

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