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Travelling Salesman by Kristoffer

Before I take time to talk about some of the excellent times we had in Lithuania, I thought it good to mention the companies that are supporting this tour, and what they are hoping to get from it. Hopefully Baltic startups will benefit from these contacts!

The main sponsor for this year's Travelling Salesman on-going activities is Nokia Qt. Now obviously Nokia has been going through a lot of turmoil lately, and the status of Qt has changed quite dramatically in a matter of months. However Qt is still going to be an important part of Nokia for several years, with hundreds of millions of devices out there, and with rumours of Qt possibly ending up on S40 phones there is definitely a market. So if you are considering porting an app to Symbian, or have something specific for Nokia in mind, get in touch either with us, or directly with Nokia to work together for whatever you are doing.

Peltone, Ruokonen & Itäinen
Peltonen Law is a law firm in Helsinki with special knowledge of IP issues in the tech sector. Mikael Nuotto flew into Vilnius to give one of his great presentations on Intellectual Property Rights for startups. Believe me, this is no "shut up and buy services from our company" pitch, but with valuable good knowledge, and even surprising stuff that every tech startup should think about. If you ever get a chance to hear it, do so.

Fishpool Creations
Fishpool Creations is a consultancy boutique in Finland, specialising in realtime telecoms solutions, often working in the Middle East. They are looking for top developers to bring into the team and take responsibility for deliveries. Requires skills are fluent Java and experience with technologies such as XML. They would also be interested to work with companies needing outsourced development work.


HammerKit is an onlilne tool for designers to build and maintain websites. They are currently developing HammerKit Cloudstore which is an enterprise app store for website components offered by HammerKit. It is targeted at global PR agencies and brands. It turns client projects into a repeatable solutions that can be instantly duplicated, redesigned and resold. It creates new revenue by allowing global team collaboration and sharing of assets. They are looking for early beta developers and companies who would like to sell components on their app store and make money, as well as beta users of the app store.

Netspan is a company building applications for clients using Internet technologies. They are particularly interested in anyone who is planning to enter into Finland or initiate sales activities there. For partnership and assistance there. They would also love to talk to companies building or dealing with cloud services.

Codento is a consultancy company in Helsinki and they are actively recruiting and  would like to hear from developers from the Baltic countries who would be interested in challenging and interesting jobs in Helsinki, and to hear what would motivate and inspire them.

Grey Area Labs is the studio behind the location based augmented reality game, Shadow Cities, which is a fantasy roleplaying game you can play in your own city with your iPhone! They have launched it in Finland and Sweden, and have just expanded to the US. They will be launching soon in the Baltics! Possibly already during this tour, so be sure to check it out immediately. Additionally they are always looking for talented people to join the company.

Be sure to get in touch if you would like to sponsor a short leg of the tour in the form of diesel or a hotel night for Mike and I!

Kristoffer "Travelling Salesman" Lawson

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